Third Eye – FAQ

FAQ on Third Eye 

What is Third Eye?
Third Eye is a powerful tool of the Self to ‘see’, to ‘hear’ and to ‘feel’ altered frequency realities.
When Third Eye gets activated?
Third Eye gets activated when one reaches Meditative State.One can reach Meditative State by transcending the body-mind consciousness.This happens in Meditation initially. As we practice more and more Meditation, Meditative state can be achieved even during normal waking state.So, Third Eye gets activated in Meditation and in Meditative state.
How to activate Third Eye?
Third Eye can not be activated by mind. So, one fails to activate Third Eye if he uses mind to activate Third Eye through certain techniques.Activation of Third Eye happens naturally in No Mind State or Meditative State.So, one has to practice more and more Meditation.As he gets more and more Energy in Meditation, his Third Eye gets activated.Third Eye activation has to happen only in Self state. So, one has to be with Self to achieve activation of Third Eye.Every one of us has Third Eye. We can perceive it in Self state.Every one can attain Third Eye activation.
Is there a technique to activate Third Eye?
The only way to activate Third Eye is to transcend the body-mind consciousness. For this there are various methods. These methods are called ‘techniques’.One can chant ‘Manthra’ or one can meditate on a ‘vision’ or one can practice ‘Pranayama’. In all these techniques, the common phenomenon is ‘Observation’. Observation is the way to transcend mind.What ever technique one practices, he has to just ‘Observe’, just ‘witness’.Slowly your doing stops, witnessing begins. Then ‘seeing’ begins. Activation of Third Eye starts. The most profound technique is ‘Observation of Breath’.Breath happens naturally with out mind. So, by observing the natural flow of Breath, one can easily transcends the body-mind consciousness. He will be with the Self.Then his Third Eye gets activated.
How long will it takes to activate one’s Third Eye?
Activation of Third Eye is beyond time and space.When you reach Meditative State and if you have intent to perceive Third Eye, then you will accumulate sufficient Cosmic Energy to activate Third Eye. At this stage one’s Third Eye gets activated.To achieve Third Eye activation, Meditate intent fully for longer hours.One may experience Third Eye activation in one sitting also.It is your urge, intent and effort that makes sooner or later.
What are the experiences of Third Eye?
When our Third Eye gets activated, we will experience one or more of the following Third Eye experiences.We ‘feel’ an itching sensation at our forehead region.We ‘feel’ pulling sensation at our forehead region.We ‘feel’ swirling sensation at our forehead region.We ‘see’ colors- colors like blue, green, pink, yellow and many more combination of vibrant colors.We ‘see’ rotation of colors in different directions. One ‘see’ colors as clouds moving.We ‘see’ big blank black screen.We ‘see’ pitch dark in a moving form, moving like a tunnel.We ‘hear’ sounds, sounds of walking.We ‘hear’ sounds of music instruments.We ‘hear’ voices of Masters as messages.We ‘feel’ the presence of Master.We ‘see’ crystal clear images of places, animals, persons-known or unknown.We ‘see’ other frequency realities.We ‘see’ bright light. Light may ‘fee’ like Master.We ‘see’, ‘hear’ and ‘feel’ so many things which we can not express with words.
What understanding one gets through Third Eye experiences?
Third Eye Experiences are one of the great experiences for a Meditator.Through Third Eye experiences, we understand the Beyond.We will get answers for our problems through messages of Masters or as ‘feel’.We start understanding that we are not just body and mind with senses.We start perceiving Extra Sensory Perception.With these experiences,Our actions will change.Our perception will change.Our understandings will change.We start understanding the Unlimitedness. 
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8 Responses to “Third Eye – FAQ”

  1. thiruma Says:

    Iam doing meditation for the past 20years.I find thought less stage is the final.To attain that fasting will be good .Ok i like to contact the world leader.To rule the world with peacefull.

  2. Baskerji Says:

    I am a good meditater i like to share my experince with some refind soal.

  3. ravi Says:

    this is ravi i am practicing from 5 months now when meditate my body feels weight.
    daily i will meditate one hour . i not able to go nirmal sthiti . help me i am very interested in this

  4. Avril Benedict Says:

    It is very interesting for me to read the post. Thanks the author for it. I like such themes and anything that is connected to them. I would like to read a bit more soon.

    Avril Benedict
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  5. Andreas Says:

    Hi friend, in the last 1-2 years i have become a different person with different view on life.
    Several negative things all happened to me at once and really broke me down.
    Its been since then i have new beliefs and views on life, i have become very very spiritual.
    I’m really determined to connect to my (guru) or master for guidance and help so i can go further than where i am now.
    How would we connect? what do i visualize?
    Your help would mean a lot to me.
    Much love Andreas

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